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The West on Track Campaign

Established in May 2003, West=On=Track is a community-based campaign in the towns, villages and cities of the West of Ireland aimed at re-opening the Western Rail Corridor, a passenger and freight railway line which runs from Sligo to Limerick, and one of the single most valuable pieces of infrastructure in the whole island of Ireland. There are currently West=On=Track affiliated groups or committees in over 30 towns and cities in the west of Ireland.

The WRC Campaign

The WRC campaign is supported by over 100,000 citizens' signatures; 12 Western County and City Development Boards; all west coast local authorities; 3 regional authorities; The Council for the West; Shannon Development; the Western Development Commission; The Border Midlands and West Regional Assembly; National University of Ireland Galway, 3,377 Community and Voluntary organizations, members of the Community and Voluntary Forum along the West coast; all the Dáil represented political parties; all west coast Chambers of Commerce; ICTU in the West; IFA; IDA; Ireland West Tourism, Local Development Agencies.

The Western Rail Corridor (WRC) belongs, in the first instance, to the people of the west and its re-opening will herald the beginning of a new era in transport and development in the whole western region.

Communities throughout the region and rail campaigners all over Ireland are actively seeking the support of every citizen of our country for this project. The people of the East of Ireland are finding their daily lives more difficult as a result of unbalanced development and are increasingly coming to the view that population growth and development need to be more evenly distributed. Projects like the WRC will create a situation where many towns can be developed as a balance to the current situation, giving respite to those in the East and a choice to those who seek to live elsewhere.

Fr Micheál MacGréil gives the green flag to the
WOT campaign at Claremorris station. Pic: Karl Keaney


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