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The Ballinrobe Express
As Seen By A Reader

CIE Weekly News June 11th 1948

Have you ever heard the story of the Ballinrobe Express,
Which is driven by the "Farmer" (a nick-name I confess),
With loco six-six-seven and Harold as his mate
He heads his train for Ballinrobe not being a minute late.

He starts off from Claremorris and quickly gets away,
And passes 'round by Aggie Quinn's as fast as I may say;
He then comes on to Caltra, that "bank" of old renown,
And blows his whistle loudly as she gaily rattles on.

Of course the gates are open but he never takes a chance,
As to break them means suspension, three days at own expense;
So he always gives a chirrup and keeps a watchful eye,
And as he dashes past the gates, John Commons waves him 'bye.

He next comes on to Holymount, that neatly cared-for Halt,
(Better known locally by the old name of Roundfort);
Mick Walshe, the station master, comes out and checks the train,
Then "Farmer" blows the whistle and is on his way again.

So on she freely travels past fields of grass and grain,
While "Farmer" keeps a keen lookout and sings an old refrain,
Mile-post after mile-post she quickly leaves behind,
And hits the town of Ballinrobe just to the tick of time.

Now that's one journey over, quite simple you may say,
But not so for the engine-men who must complete their day;
While Harold cleans the ash-pan the "Farmer" fills the tank,
And when they turn their engine they must shunt the store and 'bank.

Bill Walshe that does the shunting, a most efficient man,
Who always gets the wagons out as quickly as he can,
And when he's all completed he couples up the train,
Then "Farmer" gets the guard's green light and off he goes again.

So now we'll say good-bye to them and leave them on their own,
For this will be another trip just like the one we've done;
We'll shake hands with the "Farmer" and also with his mate,
And know not to blame an engineman when his train is late.








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