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Ceannt income should be used to develop Oranmore train station

Letters - Galway Advertiser 29th September 2005


Dear Sir,

The development of Ceannt Station into a proper transport interchange and shopping centre is to be welcomed and is long overdue. Galway is very lucky to have its rail and bus stations situated in such a convenient and central location and the facilities should therefore be developed to their optimum to best serve the city.

It is to be hoped however that CIE uses the income from the development wisely. The profits should be used to construct the new station at Oranmore and double the track into Galway as a part of the Tuam - Athenry - Galway commuter service which was promised by Seamus Brennan when he was Minister of Transport. Investing the money in this manner with benefit all as it will provide an alternative to driving into the city for many who currently use the N17. It will also reduce traffic within Galway and the pressure on parking spaces. An improved and regular rail service to Ceannt Station will also attract more shoppers and business to the city centre as access will be so much easier.

Lets hope that the local authority and CIE get this one right for the benefit of Galway.


Tim Casterton








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