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The Western Rail Corridor and IDA Jobs

23rd June 2003

PRESS RELEASE - Mayo Association Dublin

"It is important for the survival of County Mayo that it's current political leaders fight tooth and nail for national companies to move to Mayo instead of the reverse flow that took place throughout the twentieth century" quote taken from the editorial of the Mayo Association Yearbook 2002, and launched in Dec 2001.

It has recently been announced that the West lost jobs last year when employment increased in all other areas of Ireland. The reason stated by the IDA was because the West did not have adequate infrastructure. It is quite evident, plain and straightforward: the infrastructure must be there before we can attract jobs!

The Mayo and western political leaders should positively lobby and use their influence to promote the reopening of the Sligo - Limerick Western Rail Corridor. This association sees this as a realistic and positive jolt to business activity in the inland areas of the west; and a real opportunity to further market Ireland by offering special rail holidays to attract backpackers etc. In addition it would take heavy vehicles off our roads and save millions on road repairs. The Minister for Transport, Mr Seamus Brennan and his colleague Eamonn O Cuiv, the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands have lent their support to this initiative.

The western politicians, local Chambers of Commerce and Town Committees, County Councils will be pushing against an open door. Full credit and thanks is due to The Western Inter-County Railway Committee under the current chairmanship of Michael Mac Greil for giving us two seats at the Cabinet Table. What a kick start!

The Mayo Association Dublin lends it's full support to this venture: some of whose members from east Mayo fondly remember visits to St John's Castle on National School excursions to Limerick during the last days of the commercial Irish steam engines in the 1950s and early sixties; they also collected goods from the train for use in their family businesses.








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