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Gridlock in Galway City

Irish Independent (Letters) 14th August 2006

Nuala Nolan calls for improved transport links to relieve road gridlock in Galway (Letters, August 9). She suggests that a network of motorways from Galway to Belfast, Cork and Dublin may solve the issues. Whilst this may speed up journeys between the cities, I cannot see it solving the gridlock in Galway City let alone around the proposed docks development.

There has been a campaign in the west for many years now, run by 'West=on=Track' to reopen the Western Rail Corridor and provide commuter links to and from Ceannt Station. The McCann report, commissioned by the Government, recommended that it would be a good idea to reopen the railway. However, this quick and relatively inexpensive solution (compared to motorway construction) to relieve traffic on the Gort, Oranmore/Athenry and Tuam/Claremorris corridors appears to have been given low priority while the politicians argue about funding and how much should be reopened. And this despite the Transport 21 policy document stating the route would be opened.

Rather than investing more funds on motorways that will only bring visitors to the outskirts of Galway, surely it is better to start work now to provide a quality commuter rail service to bring people into the City centre?

When I visit my friends in the Galway area this would be my preferred mode of travel. A new service has already been successfully achieved on the southern part of the Western Rail Corridor between Ennis and Limerick and it would be equally if not more successful if applied to the Galway area without further delay.









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