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Opinion Poll Findings show Significant Passenger Demand for Western Rail Corridor

Press Release 31st October 2006 


The West on Track Community Campaign has welcomed the findings of the MRBI/TG4 Opinion Poll in Galway West which show that almost a quarter of those interviewed would use the soon to be reopened section of the Western Rail Corridor from Ennis to Athenry and that 8% would use it at least 2-3 times per week.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesman for West on Track said: "These figures more than bear out the passenger demand projections of West on Track and are in line with ongoing research being conducted both north and south of Athenry which indicate that demand north of Athenry (the Mayo-Galway route) is 80% of that south of it," he said.

"For example, if 23% of the population of Co. Galway over 18 yrs (approx 150,000) were to make a return journey just once a week, as indicated in the MRBI Opinion Poll, that would generate 828,000 passenger journeys per year (see 1 below).

"It should also be borne in mind that this high level of potential patronage is within just one of the counties to be served by the line (i.e. Galway). We welcome the fact that our passenger demand projections have now been independently verified and expect our projections of demand north of Galway to be accepted as equally accurate.

"The findings of the TG4 poll clearly justify the decision to proceed with the Ennis-Athenry section of the WRC and should encourage the Government to include Phase 2 from Athenry to Claremorris immediately.

"Working from the statistics in the poll it may be seen that potentially greater numbers of people would be using that one section of the WRC annually than currently use the Belfast-Dublin route, with numbers being at least as great as those currently using the Limerick-Dublin, Westport-Dublin and Sligo-Dublin routes," he added.


23% of respondents say they will use the train at least once a month.

As a % of total pop of Co. Galway over 18 yrs (150,000 approx):

= 34,500 people x 12 months

= 414,000 x 2 (return trips count as 2)

= 828,000 = DEMAND

Note: WEST ON TRACK projected a demand of 750,000








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