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Statement from the Mayo Association Dublin

Friday March 26th 2010 

After years of hard work, dedication and perseverance by supporters of the Western Rail Corridor, I am delighted to see that fruits of their labour are about to manifest in the form of the Galway-Limerick rail service commencing next Monday, March 29th 2010.

The opening of this first phase and its continuation to Mayo and eventually to Sligo is of huge importance to everyone in the West of Ireland and beyond. The project has been driven by a genuine need from both the leisure and corporate market alike. This development will improve linkages between towns in the West of Ireland and encourage a far higher level of commercial activity and trading. Furthermore, such progress will undoubtedly make this region more attractive to international businesses potentially seeking to invest in Ireland.

With a significant proportion of European travellers looking to avail of public transport; the absence of a rail link to the West of Ireland has isolated this region for years and undoubtedly stifled both tourists and investors ability to explore this indigenous and vast area of Ireland.

Fruition of this rail corridor will eventually enable leisure travellers to travel easily, quickly and efficiently around not just the West, but also the entire country.

Next Monday marks a huge milestone in the ongoing effort to develop the West of Ireland. The project is a credit to all involved and is an example of common sense being married with the commitment of its supporters to make its way through the many barriers that have presented themselves. I congratulate the “West on Track” campaigners for their success to date and on behalf of the Mayo Association Dublin; I offer them my support and best wishes in bringing the rest of this project to fruition.

Sean Reid
Mayo Association Dublin








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