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Statement from West on Track marking First Anniversary of launch of Community Campaign

Press Release - Tueday 8th June 2004


The West on Track Community Campaign for the re-opening of the Western Rail Corridor has marked its first anniversary by extending greetings to all those who have participated in its campaign and supported it during its first year. A spokesman for West on Track said that particular thanks were due to the many hundreds of people who had worked tirelessly in the communities throughout the West and elsewhere to ensure that the message of West on Track did not fall on deaf ears.

"It is gratifying that the first meeting of the Working Group on the re-opening of the Western Rail Corridor should be taking place almost a year to the day after West on Track was launched in Athenry, and we take this opportunity to wish its chairman and members well in their deliberations," said the spokesman.

"The communities of the West are expecting much from the Working Group but they will also expect the Government to speedily implement the recommendations that it makes with regard to re-opening this valuable piece of National infrastructure," he added.

"We also wish to publicly thank the Minister for Transport, Mr. Séamus Brennan for his support and commitment to the project and in particular for having set aside the negative conclusions of the Strategic Rail review and established the Working Group."

"The work of West on Track has now entered a new phase and we look forward to speedily progressing the plan for the restoration of the WRC through positive and constructive engagement with our colleagues in the Working Group," he concluded.








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